Taking on the P90X Fitness Program

So as you saw from yesterday, my husband and I are going to Mexico this summer for a 10 year anniversary vacation. Well, 2 children, an office job and hectic schedules don't leave much time for exercise. Being in a swimsuit is something I absolutely hate. My bikini days are no longer. So in order for us both to feel better about spending a week in swimsuits laying on the beach, we decided to take on P90X!

P90X is a home fitness / training program based on muscle confusion and it is brutal! P90X contains a variety of different workouts as well as a schedule to follow. Workouts include Yoga, Abs, Chest, Arms, Back, Legs, Cardio and Stretch. There is also a Nutritional plan to follow, however I will honestly say, we aren't doing that portion of the program. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier however we aren't ready to re-adjust both our own and our kids diets. So we're sticking to the fitness part for now at least.

Technically we are starting Week 2 however being our first week and being really out of shape, we had to rest a couple nights just to prevent any injuries. This week we are recharged and ready to go. Last night we did the Chest, Back & Arms and the Ab Ripper X (OMG!). The Ab Ripper X workout is amazing and hard, but who said getting in shape was easy. The first night we did this routine, the next day, I could barely move! This morning, I am happy to say that though sore, I'm not hurting near as much as last week.

The harder challenge last night was the Chest, Back & Arms workout. I am horrible at push-ups and pull-ups. I honestly cannot do a single pull-up. There were certain variations of a push-up where I got 1. I know pathetic right! However as challenging as this workout was, it's also the one I've become most excited about. I have sooo much room for improvement; I can't wait until I go at it the next time to see how many I can hit. It really has fueled me to seriously take on the P90X fitness program.

Now I don't expect to see the TV transformations they use in the commercials, but I am hoping for some much needed toning. After being this sore, something's got to change right? I also have to mention that I love Tony Horton's personality. He's pushing you to keep you motivated yet having fun all at the same time.

Tonight is a Cardio night, so as the program says, Bring It!

If you'd like more information about P90X or any of the Beachbody Fitness Programs, I highly recommend you talk to Shari. Be sure to check out her Website at http://www.beachbodycoach.com/GOSHARI for complete details about all the Beachbody product offerings.

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Excited for 10 Year Anniversary Trip to Mexico

This year my husband and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary (OMG do I feel old). We looked at just about everything when trying to plan our vacation. Cruises, Caribbean, Mexico, NASCAR races, etc. As we were debating for months, the Cancun Visitors Bureau was having a Facebook contest to win a trip to the Riviera Maya. And we won!!!

The trip we won is for the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma Hotels. The getaway includes 4 days, 3 nights however since we were already saving for a trip we extended the trip for 3 more nights. Forbes.com named it as one of the most romantic hotels in the world. El Dorado Seaside Suites is located on the secluded beach of Kantenah.

We’ve been doing research on El Dorado Seaside Suites and are even more excited after not only reading their Website but also all the travel review sites. Everyone has great things to say about the resort from the atmosphere, to the food to the staff. We’ve booked our trip for early summer which we know is the hottest time for the Cancun area, however we didn’t want to pull the kids out of school for a week. But what better place to be if it is too hot than one with the ocean and unlimited pools right!

This will be our first trip to Mexico. We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon which was absolutely gorgeous. I loved the Caribbean. On our honeymoon we did one off-resort activity but this trip we are excited to try all kinds of new things. Visit the Mayan ruins, deep sea fishing, maybe some shopping in Cancun and the list goes on.

Of course after our trip I’ll be sure to share how the trip we went and our thoughts on the resort. For now, we can’t wait!!!


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