Tangled and Family Movie Night

Well today is finally here! The day I can purchase Tangled on DVD and yes I have already this morning. I took my daughter to see the new Disney movie last Thanksgiving and she absolutely loved it! And quite frankly has been asking ever since when we can buy the Rapunzel DVD. So, needles to say.... We are having a movie night!

Movie nights with the kids are fantastic! The family gets to spend some time together and enjoy a movie. Even if the movie is one we've seen a hundred times, just being able to ignore everything else for an hour and a half and simply enjoy the kids laughing is all worth it.

Best part about movie night, is it's sooooo simple. Movie night at our house entails pizza of course. And we eat in the living room! Then about half way through the movie we make popcorn and have some candy. Turn all the lights off in the room and crank up the sound to give your movie night even more of a movie theater feel! Easy, inexpensive and yet the children think it's the greatest thing in the world.

Even if your child isn't into Tangled, there's all kinds of other great movies out there. Target today had deals on Tangled, Bambi, Megaminds, Snow White and I believe Beauty and the Beast. Rent or buy a new one and enjoy movie night with your family!

Please share your movie night itineraries below!!

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