Mother of Two

Well, now its been quite awhile since I last posted. The joys of being a full-time working mother of two. Time is something parents have very little of. So how does a mother of two find time to do anything, between working full-time, chasing the 2 year old, keeping the 5 year old entertained, writing blogs, taking classes online among all the other online and offline projects going on? Very simple, you don't. At least you seldom do, so making the most of your spare time is all the more important.

So for my first post back, I thought I'd share some of my lifelines and tips to dealing with the ever popular lack of time parents have:

- Work on your time management skills. Just like at work when you prioritize what projects are most important, do the same at home. What things really do need to get done this week? Which projects can wait?

- Lists, lists and more lists. I would be completely paralyzed without my lists. I have to do lists for the kids, to do lists for housework, etc.

- Set daily and weekly goals. When making your lists, mark those you want to get done that day or that week. Schedule time to complete those projects. However, make sure you stay realistic. Sure I'd love to be supermom and finish the whole list in a day or two, but that wouldn't be practical. Pick 1 or even 2 projects, depending on the size, that you want to complete each day.

- Get a planner / organizer. Until I had children, I thought planners were for the old fashioned. Being in a more tech related field, I had everything on my phone. But now with kids, its so much easier for me to carry my planner with me and then add / change what goals or to do's I have for that day without trying to scroll through a phone.

- Schedule at least one hour a week of free time for yourself. Whether its catching up on the Young and the Restless, reading a book, taking a bath, something you enjoy. This is your reward for sticking with your schedule.

- Smile! Because no matter how hectic life gets, a child's smile will make all those to do lists disappear from a parents mind rather quickly!

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