Girls Bedroom Makeover - A Success!

My 5 year old said she was ready for a big girl room. So after a lot of planning and a weekend of work, we made it a reality. She was ready for the African animals to come off the walls and her bedroom be turned into a girly pink and purple, summer bedroom.

The first challenge was storage. She had just too much stuff. I found this great storage unit, the Expedit from IKEA and then got the purple totes to insert from IKEA as well. Great piece of furniture for a very reasonable cost. We also picked up closet organization shelving from Home Depot to try and make more room for items in the closet as well as add a rack at her level for all the princess dresses! Now all the dresses can be hung up instead of crammed in a box AND she can reach them.

The second challenge was arrangement. My daughter's bedroom isn't huge, it's a standard size bedroom so we didn't have a lot of room. Plus trying to work around the windows and heat / cooling registers and vents proved to be challenging. We wanted to make sure she still would have room to play in her room too.

Lastly was accessories. She had picked out her pink and purple so there were no questions there, however how can I make this room more summery? So between Ikea, Hobby Lobby, Target and Burlington Coat Factory, accessories were no longer a problem. The lime green drapes I found at Burglington for half the price of drapes at Target so that was a bonus. Pictures I found at all 3 stores. Hobby Lobby was my place for little accessories and the metal wall art such as the purple flower above the storage unit, the lady bug and bumble bee wall hangers and the cloth butterfly and flower. The pink lights above her bed were from Ikea. They put off a nice glow and stay cool so I don't have to worry about them getting hot to touch. Thank you to all 4 stores for having exactly what I needed!

There are a few items I'm still searching for such as a swag of sunflowers to put above the windows, resting on the curtain rods and curtain holders to pull the drapes off to the side, but overall it's pretty much a completed project in my mind. Below are pictures of my daughters new girly pink and purple summer room.

Here are a couple before pictures so you can see what her bedroom looked like at first.

Let me know what you guys think? How'd I do??


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