5 Activities For Your Child During the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, what better time to list some fun activities that not only will your child love, but also give you a little time as well. Plus it will give them an added delight to their days, which are probably going to be filled with running here and there.

1) Purchase an old Polaroid camera. While the kids are decorating or playing, throw that into the mix for them to snap pictures of each other. They'll love it. You can usually find Polaroid's online, especially ebay, pretty reasonably priced.

2) Paint!! If you have an older child to help supervise for you, this is even better. Pick up a variety of paints, finger, water color, etc. My 2 year old loves it and it occupies her for at least an hour. Pick up some seasonal prints for them to paint for Grandma and they'll usually love it even more.

3) Let your child have some, as Cookie Magazine called it, Guilt-Free TV. Pick up some of the holiday classics for Christmas so that you can both enjoy a good movie.

4) Play-Doh. Give them a bunch of Play-Doh and some cookie cutters and you'll be amazed at how long your child will create and destroy their creations.

5) Give them their own Christmas tree. For my 2 year old, we purchased one of those fake 2 foot trees. Then bought a bag of ribbon bows and other smaller yet safe ornaments. She has a blast decorating and re-decorating her own Christmas tree. For older children, get them their own bigger tree to decorate. You could start a new family tradition!

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Brain Candy for Kids!!

This Christmas when looking for Christmas presents be sure you check out the award winning DVDs and CDs available from www.braincandykids.com.

BrainCandyKids' audio visual learning tools for children ages 0 - 4, focus on positive and encouraging examples with the use of puppets, real people and cartoon visuals. Products are developed to stimulate your child's imagination and encourage interaction and participation with experimentation and play. BrainCandyKids was created by a mom and dad of twins who wanted to help stimulate their own children's creative thinking skills.

If you want a sneak peek at their DVDs, their website offers snippets. Plus, their DVDs are also being shown in Gymboree stores across the country, so your child can watch while you shop.

BrainCandyKids also offers a newsletter that includes news on developmental research, thinking activities for your child and of course some promotions for you.

Creative Child Magazine listed BrainCandyKids' Eyecandy and Fingercandy DVDs as Preferred Choice Winners and DVD of the Year Finalists in 2006 - http://www.creativechildonline.com/2006_awards/dvdbabies_todd.html.

I don't have any of these products yet, but they are on my daughters Christmas list. If anyone does have products from BrainCandyKids, please share your comments below!!

Please share your favorite baby toys!!

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