Meet the Logical Mama

First off, thank you for visiting Logical Mama. So who exactly is the Logical Mama? My name is Andrea. I'm a married, mother to 2 children, a daughter who is 8 and my son, who is 5. I work full time for an online marketing agency with a 40 minute commute one way (which by the way I actually really enjoy this time to myself). I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree, double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems back in 2003. Recently I decided to go back to school and am currently taking classes online with a local technical college working towards an Associate's Degree in Web Development and Design.

So why the name Logical Mama. I am an extremely organized person. Everything needs to be set, everything in its place and when others aren't organized, it drives me insane. On top of that, I analyze everything. I need to find a reason or cause of something before I believe it to work. I love formulas and would be lost without my planner. Add all that up and you get one Logical Mama!

With Logical Mama I'm trying to share my experiences with motherhood and children. I love baking and making fun snacks for the kids. I enjoy making normal, daily routine activities fun for children as well as just rambling about life and my sports obsessions. Consider this my outlet for the stress of motherhood. I hope everyone finds something on this Website they can relate to and feels open enough to share as well. If you're not one for Blogs, I also ramble on Twitter @LogicalMama, Facebook, Google+ and pin all kinds of things on Pinterest.


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